Evaluation team

EvaluanDo is formed by Ms. Estela Lopez Torrejon, Ms. Inmaculada Román Millán and Ms. Patricia Vidal Hurtado. These independent professionals work together or as part of team of experts depending on the needs of each evaluation.

The EvaluanDo team members are certified evaluators holding a Master´s Degree in Evaluation of Public Policies and Master´s Degree in Policies and Development Processes. EvaluanDo has international experience in evaluation and social consultancy.



Ms. Lopez holds a postgraduate degree in Science and Food Technology, and Technical Agriculture Engineering (UPV). She has over 12 years of experience in development, nine of which as evaluator. During this period she has conducted evaluations of development cooperation and EfD projects and programs. She has also managed strategic planning and knowledge management consultancies. She has worked as researcher in Development Studies for over 4 years.

Ms. Lopez has regional experience in Latin America in the field of food sovereignty and water rights, indigenous communities and nationalities, gender and ecofeminism, as well as democratic governability (critic participatory-based approach and Human rights-based approach).





Ms. Vidal holds a postgraduate degree in Political Science and Policy Evaluation by the University of Valencia. Since 2012 Ms. Vidal works as evaluator at both national and international levels. She has covered a wide thematic range of topics, including development cooperation, innovation, labour rights, migration, small and medium-sized enterprises, capacity building and professional development, internal and external knowledge sharing and communication, as well as social inclusion initiatives. Her professional experience has taken place in African countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal and DR of Congo) and Latin America (Chile) in English, Spanish and French, interchangeably

Ms. Vidal works since May 2015 as evaluation officer at the United Nations System and under exclusivity contractual agreement.





Ms. Roman holds a postgraduate degree in Geography and History by the University of Valencia. She has worked as professor for over 28 years in Secondary Education Institutes. She has worked as associate professor of International Cooperation Projects at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. During the past 20 years she has deepened her studies on Development, Gender and Evaluation.

Ms. Roman has wide experience in the field of public policy evaluation through consultancies for national and international public institutions. She has experience in the Maghreb region, Sub-Saharan Africa and America. She is a specialist in education, vocational training, labour, migration and gender. She works in Spanish, Catalan, English and French